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Welcome to My SEA Teacher Story

Hi ! I’m Nadya Septiani Rahman, you can call me Nadya or Nad. I’m an English Education Department student of Mercu Buana University of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Yes, I’m from Indonesia, the country with thousands of islands. Klik here to see my university profile. I really like teaching, especially teaching English. I like to share something that i comprehend to the others, and when they can comprehend it well, it will be a great reward for me. Teaching is not only about delivering knowledge , indirectly we also learn during our teaching. Learn from our students perception of something, learn to understand our students capacity, and etc. that can make our knowledge boarder. That is why i joined the SEA-Teacher Project, I do not want to miss such a great chance to improve my teaching skill and get more experiences abroad. There are so many stories during my exchange period as a student teacher in Thailand. This blog will tell you all of my fantastic stories during SEA-Teacher program. Click on the menus to read story based on its category, Teaching Stories, New Experiences, and also School Activities . Happy reading ! 🙂

Note : All of the video which are showing children faces are on the restricted mode to keep the privacy of the children.

  • Exploring Nakhon Si Thammarat

    23 September 2019 by

    Food Street There are so many halal food in Nakhon Si Thammarat i can easily found it everywhere. In front of the university gate there is a market that sell many kinds of food, clothes, and many things. We usually go there after we finished the school around 16.00 or 17.00. We went to the… Read more


    23 September 2019 by

    There are many activities in the school excluded teaching and learning process that i joined during the program as follows : Morning Greeting Morning greeting is one of activity that i like from this school. Morning greeting will be done by the assigned teachers around 7.00 – 8.00 a.m . The teachers will stand in… Read more

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