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Student Teachers Batch 8 in Satit Demonstration School

There are many activities in the school excluded teaching and learning process that i joined during the program as follows :

Morning Greeting

Morning greeting is one of activity that i like from this school. Morning greeting will be done by the assigned teachers around 7.00 – 8.00 a.m . The teachers will stand in front of the school gate to greet the students and parents who drop off their children to the school. When there is a student enter the gate i will say “Good Morning” with Thai greeting gesture. Also the students will answer the greeting politely. I really enjoy this activity because i can greet my students in the morning, and it made my day. Sometime there are some kindergarten students who are crying because they do not want their parents go home, that was so cute.

Flag Ceremony

Flag Ceremony

Different with Indonesia, here the flag ceremony is conducted every day at 8.00 a.m while in Indonesia we only have it on Monday in almost of the school. About 10 minutes before the ceremony begin, the students will line up based on their class. While the teachers will stand at the back of the students line to control the students. When the flag is ready to be raised and the national song is sang, every people around that area stop their activity and stand properly facing the flag. What made me amazed was the children, even the kindergarten students do that. They stop their step and stand properly everywhere even they still upstairs of the school building.

Science Week

On our first day in the school, the students have Science Week, so we followed our mentor and watch the event. The students are divided into groups and they will visit the posts. At that time i am at the post 4. At that post the students learnt to make a boat with the tools that provided. They have to make the boat balance. Not only that, the students also did the fashion show and some performance. The fashion show was unique, because they did not wear a common dress, they wore dresses which are made by the recycle things, so creative. There are also the performance of junior scientists, they practice some reaction of chemist and etc. It was so exciting. This event is not condcted every day, but only once a year or on a certain time.

Milk Time

Milk time is conducted around 10.20 – 11.00 it is a break time for students to drink milk. It was an interesting activity for me, i just found it there in Satit School, maybe there is in Indonesia too but i have not found it yet. At the milk time, the students will go to the hall and line up based on their class with an empty cup, then the homeroom teacher will pour the milk for each students. After that the students should go back to the class to continue the next class.

Lunch and Snack Time

There are also Lunch and Snack time. Lunch time will be at 12.00 – 13.00 and snack time at 14.50 – 15.10. But i did not join the lunch time because i have to have lunch to 😀 and for the snack time the students will be given a snacks and after that they continue their activities.

Class Project

EP 3 Class Project

Class project usually conducted on friday at the last period of school hours around 15.10 – 16.00. At that time i joined the EP 3 class project. We made cow face, it was an interesting activity. Here is the video :

English Club

In this school they have English Club also. It will be conducted around 15.10 – 16.00 depends on the schedule. At that time i was joined T.Felix and T.Dale’s English club. In the English club, the students are learn English trough games and fun activities. We did many games like Seven Up, Concentration, and we did guessing game also. The students are divided into 4 groups, we also joined those groups. Each group have to explain the target vocabularies with gesture and the other group have to guess the word. It was really fun and i learnt many games that can be applied in my teaching.


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Hi ! It's me Nadya, I'm a student from University of Mercu Buana Yogyakarta, Indonesia. My major is English Education in Faculty of Teacher Training and Education. Can you guess what is my favorite thing based on my major? Yes, I really like teaching especially English. I like to share my knowledge to others, but for me teaching is not only sharing knowledge, we also re-learn when we are teaching. So, in this site i will tell you my experience during my teaching practice when I join the SEA-Teacher Batch 8 in Thailand. keep on read! Thank you :)

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